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HENNA BY RUBIA, Beauty & Spas business in Richmond Hill

Temporary henna tattos for all occassions.

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Henna prices:

Personal appointments:  starting price $10 & up depending on a design  OR $65 an hour./ hour.

Henna for parties:

~Party rates~

   -Small party (guests under 60 people) rate: minimum of 2 hours

2 hours- $150

3 hours- $225

4 hours- $300

   -Large Party(guests over 60 people) rate: minimum of 2 hours

2 hours- $200

3 hours- $300

4 hours- $400


If i travel more than 5 miles.i will charge $25 for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long I have to keep the henna paste on?:
1. LEAVE PASTE ON AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. It really helps if you leave it over night. 2. HEAT AND MOISTURE HELP. The warmer the body temperature, the faster the henna will stain. I always like to steam the tattoo over stove for few seconds. 3. WRAP IT UP Wrap with plastic wrap, be sure to wrap with toilet paper first to soak up any perspiration and to prevent smudges. 4. REMOVE THE PASTE Do not use water, you can use lemon juice or olive oil to remove the paste.
What is Henna? Is it the same as Mehndi, Mehandi, Heena ?:
Henna is extracted from a tree by drying and grinding leaves and stems. The greenish powder, when mixed with an acidic liquid, makes a temporary red, brown, or orange design on a porous surface. People use henna in ritual skin painting, called Mehndi, for birth and marriage celebrations. Western cultures have adopted henna to make temporary tattoos and organic hair dye.

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