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Raaz Inc,. was founded in the late 1980?s by Mrs. Zainab Ekbal with it’s own vision and mission. Zainab Ekbal began Raaz as a hobby along with Sunita Kapoor (the actor Anil Kapoor’s wife) to style rich and successful women of Indian, Pakistani and also American communities in Chicago and the neighboring cities. When you ask her for the inspiration behind this early entrepreneurship, her answer will be the non-existence of such a niche concept of styling in America for the South Asian shoppers and the dearth of a variety of classy designer outfits under one roof.
But only her closest friends know that she had a vision for Raaz. It was to promote the artisans of India. She yearned to introduce America with the utter beauty of Indian artists’ workmanship, intricacies in prints, and embroideries, needle works and fine stitching. She believed then and has proved thereafter that the quality of fabric, varieties of fabric and the artistry on fabric in India is invincible. She knew that the Western World will appreciate the skillful craftsmen duly and will admire the thought behind each work of art. She learnt that there were a couple more women who felt the same way for the Indian heritage and began Raaz by carrying their designs implemented by the artisans of India. Ritu Kumar, Ravissant and Amaaya (by Sunita Kapoor) were the pioneers from India. She very soon created a platform for the premier Pakistani Designers who were supporting Pakistan’s patrimony. They were Faiza sami, Maheen, Noorjehan Bilgrami and Rizwan Beyg. She had an innate sense of fashion and styling, she was convinced that the combination of Indian creativity and textures with American taste of colors and simplicity in dress patterns will be a bang on blend.
Zainab Ekbal has been the Good Samaritan for a lot of South Asian girls and women in America. She wanted to build employment at Raaz for women and girls who feared to step out of their homes and who wanted to become independent. It saddens her that she could not build up an Employment industry for all of the needful women. But feels satisfactory that she could help at least a few, train them to be independent and strengthen them for the rest of their lives. Her altruism was kept as a “Raaz” which means a mystery. Indeed a mission for Women Empowerment!
Raaz Inc’s,. decor has been personally created by the owner herself, who is also an Architect by qualification. Raaz has an uptown, cozy and a posh aura to it. The boutique carries very artsy, one-of-a-kind designer clothes and jewellery, showcased on it’s racks and windows straight from the sketchbooks of the prominent names of Fashion Industry. Raaz enjoys a rich history of affiliation with the extremely talented and popular celebrity designers, some of them also friends, namely Azeem Khan, Maheen, Manish Arora, Noorjehan Bilgrami, Rizwan Beyg, Faiza Sami, Rohit Bal, Abraham & Thakore. Over the years the list has increased and Raaz is currently the sole, proud retailer in America for brands like Ashima Leena, Rabani & Rakha, Krishna Mehta, Niki Mahajan, Unbeatable By Shahla Rehman, Lajwanti, to name a few. Raaz’s popularity and success has grown ever since its inception along with the expanding pool of customer loyalty. It has remained firm even during the shifting demands of its customers by providing latest/trendy designs of the most happening labels at any point in time.

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Rabani & Rakha – ” A beautiful evolution!”
‘Rabani’ the creation of Rahul and Shibai Rastogi, began as a leisure activity in the year 1999. From their inspired love of design, they built the label into an innovative design house, whose label is sold in the finest boutiques of India and around the world. With Gautam Rakha, a graduate of NIFT Delhi, the label took it’s next step to growth. Rabani’s detailed and comprehensive understanding of embroideries perfectly complimented the design and marketing talent of gautam Rakha. Such was the genesis of the brand ” Rabani & Rakha”.
The label has rapidly gained critical appeal from fashion insiders and an elite clientele. Known for their exquisite and intricate work, Rabani & Rakha is creating distinctive and memorable clothes. In a very short time, they have gained a strong following based on their quality workmanship and creative designs.
Krishna Mehta
The brand ” Krishna Mehta” was created in the year 1988 by Krishna Mehta, around the same time of Raaz’s inception. Krishna mehta has leaped all boundaries of imaginations while preserving the classic fundamentals of her Indian style of designing. Her brand was the first menswear designer label of the country and has been awarded with the CMAI Award for the same. She is a designer, mentor and a fashion consultant. She has also received many other awards like the Fabled Peacock Award, The Times Of India Award, etc.
Krishna Mehta’s humanitarianism has created employment and learning platforms for the differently abled individuals in the special skills of hand printing, dyeing, embroidery, etc,.by setting up a Block Printing Unit of her own in Gujarat, India.
The brand ‘ Lajwanti’ was a dream of it’s designer and creator. A dream to convey the sophistication and elegance of Pakistani culture and tradition in the form of exquisite Bridal and Haute couture. The first outlet of Lajwanti was set up in the year 1999 in the The Pearl Continental, Lahore, Pakistan. Since then it has enjoyed immense applause from local as well as global markets. It now has 5 major retail outlets in and out of Pakistan. Its growing demand has encouraged the team to establish a weaving unit of Khadi and modern power looms as a Backward integration but surely a forward progress.

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